Featured Town: Marble

crystal_mill_1The Town of Marble, located high in the Crystal River Valley, boasts a total population of 131 people and is often referred to as “Colorado like it used to be.” With so few people Marble is a small-town paradise and you will quickly come to know everyone in town. The town was named for the marble pulled from the large quarry just out of town that is still fully operational. Aside from mining operations Marble boasts some of the best jeep tours, snowmobiling, kayaking and hunting in the nation.


Marble boasts some of the best access in the state of Colorado. Here are our favorite things to do just outside of town: Backcountry skiing, hiking, horseback riding, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, climbing, four wheeling, golf, hunting, ice skating, snowshoeing, nordic skiing. Want more information on any one of these local activities? Head to the Town of Marble website for information on trails, access and outfitters.


Due to its long-time mining roots, the Town of Marble boasts lots of historical attractions like the Crystal Mill, the Marble Church, the Marble Sculpting Symposium, the Historic Town of Crystal and much more. Find more information about attractions on the Town of Marble website.


Marble is home to one restaurant! Slow Groovin, founded in 2011 is Marble’s premier and only dining option. Although it’s the only restaurant you can be sure it is fantastic. Since its beginnings in 2011 Slow Groovin has served the Marble area with bbq classics such as ribs, pulled pork, beef brisket and smoked sausage. If your only in town once it would be a mistake not to experience them all so make sure to order the Snowmass Sampler and get ready to eat!bbq