3 Ps of Real Estate

3 Ps of real estateAre you familiar with the three Ps of real estate? They are pricing, product, and presentation. Use the three Ps of real estate for a successful home sale.


After completing home improvement projects, you want to reap the rewards of that hard work by selling your home at the right price. Finding that price is the challenge, since that number needs to bring you a profit, while also attracting home buyers. A skilled Realtor® can assist you with the pricing process. Find a local Realtor®.


Think product, not home. It may have been home sweet home for many years, but once you decide to sell, it’s time to start thinking of your home as a product. The home buying process is similar to buying a new car. The price needs to fit the buyer’s budget, plus have as many of the features on the buyer’s wish list as possible. In a home, these features might be a big yard, hardwood floors, or a great location.

Again, a skilled Realtor® can create a marketing strategy for your home that highlights all of the reasons to buy it.


On a home tour, home buyers want to get a feel for what it’s like to live in your home. Present a home that’s clean, inviting, and comfortable. Before the tour, thoroughly clean your home—from floor to ceiling. The goal is to create a space that’s free of stains, dust, unpleasant odors, clutter, and the like. When every surface of your home is gleaming, a nice final touch is to place vases of fresh flowers in the kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Also, turn on all of your lights, and open all curtains and blinds to make each room as bright as possible. Excellent lighting presents a home that’s clean and inviting.

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